[travel stripes] TRAVELLING WITH COCO

[travel stripes] TRAVELLING WITH COCO

Forget the Google keys "where to go on holiday", today the right key is that of travel, à la Baudelaire.
Because if the world runs too fast and offers images that do not have the capacity to last more than an instant, the photos and videos in this post hypnotize you and force you to look at them, they remain in the mind to sculpt an imaginary to cultivate, the "beautiful" to chase.
Let's forget Tripadvisor reviews and low-cost travel offers, let's forget those places without history that have never inspired anyone and will never inspire anyone.
Let's try to practice the value of memory as an intellectual and style exercise. Let's try to embrace the value of aesthetics as a destination to aspire to on our next journey.

To the catchphrase question, "where are you going on holiday?" the most sophisticated answer is suggested by one of fashion's greatest visionaries, the one who made sure that almost everyone today has a Marinière in their wardrobe, Mademoiselle Chanel. Through her trips to Deauville, Biarritz and Venice she continues to give us fragments of absolute dream and beauty, outside of any time and space. A journey as an escape into an ideal and nostalgic world of good taste and elegance.


Gabrielle Chanel in Deauville


Madmoiselle Chanel in Lido di Venezia

Chanel and her Marinière


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